Tereora College Students Dive Into the World of Cook Islands Tourism

Cook Islands Tourism

On the 7th of December, Cook Islands Tourism (CIT) were invited to present to Year 9 and 10 students at Tereora College.

Industry Development Manager, Tina Kae and Jeremy Goodwin, Regenerative Tourism Manager, brought the vibrant energy of the tourism industry to the classroom, sharing the diverse roles and responsibilities that make Cook Islands tourism thrive.

"We wanted to show the students that tourism is much more than just beautiful beaches," said Tina Kae. "From marketing and event management to conservation and cultural preservation, there are countless opportunities to contribute to our island's success through tourism."

The presentation highlighted the vital role of Kia Orana values – the core values that shape our identity as Cook Islanders - in shaping the Cook Islands' unique tourism experience. Students learned how these values are woven into every aspect of the industry, from welcoming visitors with open arms to ensuring the sustainable future of their pristine environment.

Goodwin emphasised the importance of regenerative tourism, a growing movement that seeks to leave a positive impact on the environment and local communities. He explained how CIT is working to develop experiences with businesses and communities that showcase how our islands are preserving our islands’ natural beauty and cultural heritage.

"Tourism is the lifeblood of our economy," Jeremy Goodwin reminded the students, "but it's also everyone's business. We all have a role to play in shaping the future of tourism in the Cook Islands."

The session was a lively affair, with students actively engaging in discussions and asking questions about different careers in tourism. Both Tina Kae and Jeremy Goodwin were impressed by the students' enthusiasm and curiosity, leaving them hopeful for the future of the tourism industry.

The presentation at Tereora College is just one of CIT’s ongoing efforts to engage the local community and promote the importance of sustainable tourism practices. By investing in the future generation, CIT is laying the foundation for a bright and prosperous future for the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands Tourism welcomes requests for presentations for schools or groups. Please contact [email protected]