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The 2023 Business Confidence Index (BCI) results have just been published with promising signs that confidence is returning to the Cook Islands' private sector, particularly within tourism circles.

The 2023 Business Confidence Index (BCI) survey results have just been published, with promising signs that confidence is returning to the Cook Islands’ private sector, particularly within tourism circles..

With the survey running throughout December and January, key insights included improvements in: Perceived business performance (previous 12 months) = 4.0 (vs 2.9 in 2022), anticipated business performance (next 12 months) = 4.3 (vs 3.7 in 2022), staffing levels (versus 2022) = 62% of respondents increasing staffing.

The BCI also asks what major opportunities and challenges Cook Islands’ businesses anticipate seeing within the next five years: Major Opportunities: Building on reputation (55%), improved flights (52%), tourism growth (51%),business expansion/diversification (51%) Major Challenges: Operating costs (56%), major disruptive event (56%), human resources (52%), flight related issues (52%) (% of respondents)

Director of Destination Development for Cook Islands Tourism Corporation (Brad Kirner) was encouraged by the results, which make sense given the 26% YOY increase in international visitor arrivals, as well as improvements in average visitor spend and satisfaction; “Our post-Covid recovery continues to surpass expectations, which is great news for local Cook Island business owners, and our economy as a whole. As part of our wider suite of analytic tools, the BCI provides us with some great insights, including what overall level of confidence our private sector partners are showing, along with invaluable information on where they need further support. We look forward to working closely with them and other stakeholders to further improve the overall benefits that tourism brings to the Cook Islands”. The full Business Confidence Index (BCI) results can be found on the Cook Islands Tourism corporate website LINK HERE.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: Brad Kirner, Director of Destination Development, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation [email protected]