A Strategic Focus on Regenerative Tourism.

Cook Islands Tourism

Te Kaveinga Manava Turoto o te Ipukarea is the new Cook Islands Tourism Development Strategy (CITDS)

Te Kaveinga Manava Turoto o te Ipukarea is the new Cook Islands Tourism Development Strategy (CITDS). The CITDS will guide the operations of the destination development team within Cook Islands Tourism. The CITDS builds upon the work achieved in this space and will improve and strengthen areas previously underrepresented. It aligns with national, regional, and global sustainable development aspirations as outlined in the National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+, Pacific 2030 Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework, and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CITDS focuses on a more regenerative approach to tourism and destination development in the Cook Islands over the next five years. Regenerative tourism refers to supporting an environment that caters to a visitor who will leave a destination better than it was before. This regenerative approach goes one step further and suggests that rather than primarily considering the needs and wants of the visitor, future tourism development will improve the holistic well-being of the Cook Islands people and environment. This well-being is articulated across the four C’s of well-being; Community, Culture, Conservation and Commerce. This objective aligns with our vision statement: “Tourism advances the well-being of resident Cook Islanders in a way that is socially acceptable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

CEO, Karla Eggelton said, “the underpinning goal is to ensure this holistic well-being lies at the very heart of all decision-making and associated actions. We are excited to embark on the regenerative journey as we enter the new year and a period of diversification in terms of source markets with the launch of our direct flights to Hawaii and Australia. The regenerative movement will provide the monumental shift that is required to ensure that we build back better, stronger and more resilient.”

Director of Destination Development for Cook Islands Tourism, Christian Mani shared that the CITDS will contribute to the alignment and streamlining of all the activities and programmes for Destination Development. The CITDS work plan was developed in parallel to the strategy and will contribute towards the implementation and operationalization of the four aspirations covered in CITDS which are; 1: Enhance and leverage our visitor economy, 2: Optimise the visitor experience, 3: Empower our tourism industry, 4: Encourage Regenerative tourism practices


“The CITDS represents the future for Cook Islands Tourism and the pandemic has reiterated that tourism requires a regenerative shift. It also provides an opportunity to create a legacy for the Cook Islands that translates into significant benefits both now and for future generations” concludes Christian.

To find out more information about the CITDS contact Brad Kirner at: [email protected]