Chatbots - What Role Do They Play In The Tourism Sector


Today, travelers rapidly search online for information, expecting instant answers. This can put a lot of pressure on customer service teams. If response times are too long, most customers will simply look somewhere else. 

Chatbots are the answer for businesses in the travel industry - such as resorts, tourism boards and restaurants - who need an intelligent virtual assistant that can meet customer demands. Chat bots or live chats are online communication apps that enable you and your website visitors to chat in real time. 

How is this helping the travel industry?

Round-the-Clock Customer Service
Businesses of all kinds, including the tourism industry, are often presented with the challenge of providing customer service that meets and exceeds customers' expectations. Implementing a chatbot can be a great advantage, as it allows for 24/7 support to customers.

Multilingual Chatbots
Tourism is a growing international industry. Folks around the world can easily book services, regardless of the language they use. Studies show that 55% of customers prefer to purchase products in their native tongue. Thus, language barriers can prevent businesses from reaching customers outside their borders. 

A multilingual chatbot offers a solution to the travel industry, allowing them to interact with customers in their local language. Chatbots can be quickly trained for language detection and translation, which in turn offers more tailored experiences for travelers during their trips. This provides a great advantage to tourism businesses and hotels.

Chatbot Integration with Platforms
Looking at the technology aspect of it, travel chatbots can be effortlessly integrated with any platform, meaning customers don't need to rely on third-party apps or numerous applications to locate what they are searching for.

For instance, a customer can directly inquire about their queries through your website for pinpointing the top destinations, getting advice, and booking without having to open up an extra application.

Gathering Customer Feedback
Chatbots are like human customer support in that they record customer conversation, providing travel companies with valuable insights for refining their services and marketing strategies. 

Are you ready for the shift?

Key Takeaways

  • Delivering better customer service and support to customers during cross-border travel
  • Providing on the spot solution to customer queries, recommendations, and important alerts
  • Cost-effective and resource-saving solution as activities are automated
  • Higher revenue and customer retention rates
  • Gives useful insights into the purchase history and orders of customers for greater personalization
  • Helps travel companies to have a competitive advantage over the competition

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