Love in Paradise: A Couple’s Travel Guide to the Cook Islands

Rhonda Bannister from Holidays for Couples
Are you seeking the perfect South Pacific hideaway for a romantic, relaxed honeymoon or holiday? Discover why Cook Islands could be the ultimate romantic getaway for couples of all ages with our comprehensive holiday and honeymoon guide!

Scattered over almost two million square kilometres of ocean and roughly halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand (not too far from Tahiti), the Cook Islands group comprises 15 main islands, some with only 50 people living there. The largest island with a population of just over 16,000 is Rarotonga, a picturesque paradise that, at times, will take your breath away with its jewel-like beauty. There’s something magical here, but I can’t define it easily. Indeed, the scenery is spectacular, but it has more to do with the local people and their warm Polynesian charm that gets under your skin and makes you feel so welcome.

You will not find the frenetic energy of Bali or Thailand here, and it’s totally different from its Pacific neighbours of Fiji and Vanuatu. The Cook Islands most resemble the islands of French Polynesia, which isn’t surprising, seeing as that’s where the original settlers came from. If you want quality time together peppered with a pinch of adventure and a potful of romantic dining options, this is the place to find it.

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