Press Release - Kite2taki

The world renowned Aitutaki Lagoon in the Cook Islands will play host to the inaugural KITE2TAKI Kite Surfing Event from 4 – 9 August, 2019.

KITE2TAKI - Karla, Stephen and NoelineGlobal Director of Sales and Marketing Karla Eggelton, Toa Moana Oe Vaka Club President Stephen Doherty and Marketing Manager (Cook Islands) Noeline Mateariki.

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation confirmed support for the event last month with Toa Moana Oe Vaka Club President, Stephen Doherty. Doherty will be spearheading the initiative together with an Aitutaki-based team. They aim to establish Kite2taki as an international world class kite surfing event and expand visibility globally while providing opportunities to develop local junior talent.  The week-long festival will include kitesurfing freestyle and course racing competitions where local and international participants will be keen to show their skills and talents. In addition, off the water there will be a host of social activities.

Community involvement is a big part of the week, with complimentary water taxis operating for all persons local and visitor alike to come out to Honeymoon Island and take in Kite2taki.

For more details on the event contact Stephen Doherty [email protected]