Claiming Your Business On Google Maps

How and why you should list your business on Google Maps

Google MapsAn easy, free, and incredibly helpful tactic that any business can implement to increase brand awareness is to claim its Google My Business location.

This information will explain what Google My Business is and how to claim your business location on Google Maps to drive footsteps to your door, your email inbox, and your phone number.

Improving Website Accessibility in the Tourism Industry

Prospective travelers are searching through tourism websites to plan their next vacation, yet some of these sites are not providing complete access for everyone. For many users, browsing the web isn't quite as simple as clicking a mouse.

Chatbots - What Role Do They Play In The Tourism Sector

Today, travelers rapidly search online for information, expecting instant answers. This can put a lot of pressure on customer service teams. If response times are too long, most customers will simply look somewhere else. 

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes you different? What gives people a reason to choose your particular trip over the next operator’s? In marketing lingo, your special difference is known as your unique selling proposition (or USP). It’s a concept most know of but few fully understand.

The Beginners' Guide To Evergreen Content

What are some good ways to make your content more relevant and timeless? Content that is still relevant after a long time and keeps driving traffic is known as evergreen content.

A study by found that a majority of the top 100 sites in their network get a significant portion of their pageviews from evergreen content

A Guide To Hero Images

Whether or not you realize it, you often form opinions about websites based on their visual appeal. And it usually only takes about 0.05 seconds for you to form an opinion. A hero image, which is an oversized banner image at the top of a website, is a good way to give users their first glimpse of your business.

QR Codes

Scan and Go! QR codes are just that, a rapid way for people to click and react.

QR codes can help reduce the need for tickets, brochures, flyers, and more, saving money and trees. They can be used on ads, reducing the amount of space used for advertising, and can also be linked to videos, showcasing your company's tours.