What is 'Meitaki'?

Meitaki means everything is good, well, OK and thank you all in one. Each of our islands has their own extension of Meitaki, always to emphasize the large amount of good being referred to. Meitaki Maata means - Thank you very much.

While Meitaki is how we say thank you, Meitaki also refers to how we are feeling if we are feeling good. To be Meitaki is to be feeling great. It is how we share how happy we feel. Meitaki is the sound of our Cook Island spirit shining.

This value is about how we want our visitors to feel while they are here with us. Our products and services will run efficiently, and our experiences will be authentic.

Au Akatereanga Meitaki - Our principles as Hosts

How we provide for our visitors while they are here and how we interact with them.

  • UTUUTU in English is to care, cherish, nourish and UTUUTUANGA is to act this way.

    This value denotes someone matured in skills and common sense providing service with genuine care. Utuutuanga is more than service, it is a two way relationship of sharing, as it is between a mentor and student, a host and their guest.

  • TAEAKE is both a friend and a blood relative to you, and PIRIANGA is relationship

    Sometimes a visitor is indeed a relative and other times a visitor can become like family. The value of pirianga taeake guides and teaches us to treat guests or clients as friends or members of our own family.

  • TIAKI MEITAKI is a good or virtuous guardian.

    This is taken on by hosts and stewards who are responsible for the well-being and safety of visitors and guests. This value is entrenched in our overall and individual approach to visitor safety and awareness. We encourage laws and industry practices that ensure our visitors are safe and aware of any risks, dangers or impending disasters.