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The primary desire was to attract applicants that align with Cook Islands Tourism Corporation's Kia Orana values - the foundation of all the work of tourism in the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation (CIT) have today launched a significant recruitment drive for positions within their Rarotongan-based destination development team, as importance continues to be placed on long-term, sustainable development and the encouragement of regenerative tourism practices.

With the recently developed Te Kaveinga Manava Turoto o te Ipukarea (Cook Islands Tourism Development Strategy) focusing on how tourism can help the overall wellbeing of the Cook Islands, CIT Director of Destination Development, Brad Kirner, says it is now time to ramp up team efforts and required resourcing; “We have gained some encouraging momentum over the past few months despite working with a skeleton team. Now is the time to ‘double-down’ on this important work to turn initial learnings into significant action, and for that we need people passionate about the Cook Islands to join us.”

Brad points to a significant evolution in the role of our national tourism organisation as another key reason for the recruitment drive; “Previously the sole role of CIT was the promotion of the Cook Islands as a visitor destination, and that does remain the main focus. However, tourism also has an increasing obligation to help protect our little paradise for both current and future generations to enjoy, and that’s where our destination development team comes in”.

Brad is currently recruiting for a variety of roles across the regenerative tourism, industry development, and visitor experience functions of the team, and emphasised the primary desire was to attract applicants that align with CIT’s ‘‘Kia Orana’ values - the foundation of all the work of tourism in the Cook Islands. “This is an opportunity to connect your work-life with your personal ‘why’ - tourism is a fun industry to be a part of, and the team gets to experience some amazing activities and events, but we also come to the office everyday trying to make a positive difference. Ultimately, this is about developing the Cook Islands as a holiday destination that appeals to and caters for visitors who will leave our little paradise better than they found it.”

The recruitment drive is currently live, with applications closing Monday 26th June. Applicants are encouraged to email a cover letter, resume and an indication of their preferred function (Regenerative Tourism, Industry Development or Visitor Experience) to [email protected]

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:
Brad Kirner, Director of Destination Development, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation