Intern: Intern Expedition Part II

Tayla Beddoes
Photography By
Tayla Beddoes
Kia Orana everyone, it's Tayla here! Warmest greetings from a little paradise. It's been incredibly hot and sunny here the past few days but thankfully we've been saved by the office air con and afternoon swims in the lagoon. Must be summer, right?

You know I often forget that we've bid 2016 goodbye having delved so quickly into 2017 - I mean, we're almost at the end of January! But time supposedly flies by when you're having fun so that's all I can assume is going on with me here in a little paradise. Anywho, with all the changes happening lately, I thought I'd give you a quick update first:

  1. All the hard work last year paid off as we had record breaking numbers for visitor arrivals in 2016. Go #TeamTourism, let's keep smashing records this year!
  2. We have two new interns, Odile and Maeva who, as they mentioned in their introductory posts, will also be contributing to the blog so expect more updates from this space.
  3. Just like Odile and Maeva, I'm moving back to New Zealand next month for university - although unlike them I'll be in my first year at AUT. 
  4. With that being said this blog will most likely remain in limbo unless more interns are hired while we're gone to keep bringing you weekly updates. Otherwise I'm back home from uni for the mid-semester break in July so see ya then!
  5. We have a staff trip to Aitutaki next weekend so expect TONNES of excitement from us in future posts.
  6. Trump is president... Crazy...

Moving on!


In my last post I mentioned posting up my two videos sharing my experiences from the trip to Aitutaki and Atiu in November of last year. This, like the last post, is long overdue. 

However I've only got the Atiu video to post rather than one from Aitutaki and Atiu respectively. It's not likely that I'll be posting an Aitutaki video seeing as I accidentally lost it as well as all my footage so I'm also not able to recreate it either. Not to worry though, the short versions are still up on Cook Islands Tourism's Instagram page so if you haven't seen it - go check it out! 

Otherwise that's it from me - a nice short post until our staff trip. This video was all shot, edited and produced on my phone (proving that you don't need expensive equipment to create good content), so I hope you enjoy!

Ka Kite for now,