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Social Media

Customising Content for Each Social Media Channel

How to Customize Content for Each Social Media Channel

How to Optimize Facebook Ads for Tour Operators

Remember when you could share a great post to your business's Facebook page without spending a dime, and make some meaningful connections with your audience? Even take a booking for a tour?

All You Need To Know About Linktree As A Marketing Tool

Linktree is a great tool that allows you to host multiple links in your primary Instagram bio link. Think of it as a one-stop shop for your best resources and content.

Creating Compelling Copy For Your Social Media & Website

Copy refers to text used by businesses to inform customers about their products or services, whether that be to inform them, persuade them, or entertain them. But what is compelling? Compelling means to evoke interest, attention, or desire.

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The Google Playbook

Google is making it easier for hotels to drive direct bookings! In this playbook, we will explore three steps that will maximize your online presence and help you reach your target audience effectively with Google My Business Listing, Google Free Booking Links, and Google Hotel Ads.

Claiming Your Business On Google Maps

How and why you should list your business on Google Maps

Improving Website Accessibility in the Tourism Industry

Prospective travelers are searching through tourism websites to plan their next vacation, yet some of these sites are not providing complete access for everyone.

Chatbots - What Role Do They Play In The Tourism Sector

Today, travelers rapidly search online for information, expecting instant answers. This can put a lot of pressure on customer service teams.