Te Mire Tiare - Flower Week

The Mire Tiare floral festival is a very colourful week featuring float parades.

29 November 2021 - 2 December 2021

This happy and colourful festival is held every year and usually features a different theme. There are competitions for the best floral decorated shops, schools and government buildings, each one on a different day of the week long festivities. The glamorous focal point to the week is undoubtedly Te Mire Tama competition which sees attractive young ladies and gentlemen competing for this prestigious title. The first appearance of the contestants is usually at the Punanga Nui marketplace on the first Saturday of the festival; the week wraps up with a colourful float parade and crowning of Maine Tiare and Tama Aito on the following Saturday.

Can't make it to Te Mire Tiare this year? Not a problem, the event is held every year so there is still time to plan for next year.