COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Entry Removed

Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Mark Brown

The Office of the Prime Minister would like to inform the general public that the Covid-19 vaccination requirements for travel and entry to the Cook Islands have now been removed, effective September 6, 2022.

In a decision made last week, Cabinet has approved the removal of the vaccination requirement for entry as per the existing Travel Advisory Notice dated July 24, effectively reverting back to pre-Covid-19 travel and entry requirements.

Furthermore, the single port of entry requirement for maritime vessels entering the Cook Islands has now been amended to include the ports of Aitutaki, Atiu, Tongareva and Pukapuka in addition to Rarotonga.

The decision to reopen these additional ports to international entry was made after consultation with all of the Pa Enua mayors and executive officers, with all islands all agreeing to reopen their ports.

“The removal of these final restrictions means that, as a country, we are sending a signal to the world that we are serious about getting back to business and we want our people to live normal lives without unnecessary government restrictions.  This is just another step to reclaiming what Covid-19 took away from us - this is the Cook Islands post-pandemic,” said Prime Minister Mark Brown.

“Our own experience, coupled with evidence from around the world, suggests that under current circumstances removing the vaccination requirement for entry and reopening additional ports to international maritime traffic will not result in any undue pressure on our Cook Islands health services.

“However, should circumstances change in future, then of course, our health ministry Te Marae Ora will be empowered to re-introduce any necessary border entry and public health legislative measures that may be required.”