Australia Flight Centre Shows

Weez Bonano
Photography By
Geoffery Tama

Cook Islands kicked off the Flight Centre shows with a 'coconut dropping' bang!

The World Travel Expo season was a huge success for CIT AU and it all kicked off with a ‘coconut dropping’ bang in Sydney. The crowds of over 22,000 enthusiastic consumers were drawn in by the vibrant pink lights of the Cook Islands booth, like Kukis to a league game.


Vik Valova and Weez Bonanno were gloriously accompanied by industry reps Emile Kairua, Richard Skewes and Esther Heather, all doing what they do best. Our booth was consistently full throughout the day, with hundreds of keen consumers wanting to absorb as much information as they could about our little paradise and making the most of the Air NZ and Virgin Australia expo only deals. We had accommodation packages on offer, as well as awesome 4 and 6 night packages, combining Aitutaki and Atiu, including domestic airfares. These proved to be invaluable when speaking to people who who had already visited Raro and wanted to explore the Cooks further.


Claiming the spotlight on the main stage, other than our stunning dancers, was the ever-magnificent Tim Bailey, who once again had everyone in a trance whilst he delivered his passionate spiel about the Cooks. He was the talk of the expo and everyone wanted to hear him what he had to say.


The Melbourne and Brisbane took place the following weekends, attracting 26,000 consumers in Melbourne and 24,000 in Brisbane. Both shows were fantastic and the proud dancers who performed on the main stage for us were wonderful. We also had the opportunity to deliver our destination presentation during all 3 shows, in the theatres provided. Consumers received an intimate introduction to the Cooks and watch our Katu Kanga boys do their thing, whilst each being given hand printed Pareus as a souvenir.


Danika and Geoff Tama represented CIT at the Newcastle Show last weekend as well, where the booth was packed all day. They were very kindly assisted by 2 Flight Centre reps who were able to provide product knowledge to the consumers, as well as execute any bookings. We have the Gold Coast show coming up in 2 weekends time.


Overall, the Travel Expo season has been a big hit for the Cook Islands and the ever-growing interest in our little paradise is promising. We will be receiving the final booking numbers over all the shows in the next week or so, so watch this space!