Cook Islands promoted at the Alaska PFD Travel Fair

The Cook Islands Tourism Americas team were out promoting a little paradise in Anchorage, Alaska!

Alaska PFD Cook Islands

The Alaska PFD Travel Fair was held on Oct 5 at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. The Travel Fair was timed around the announcement and dispersal of the permanent fund dividend to each Alaskan resident. This year each person will receive $1,606 from the State Government.

Christian Mani, Marketing Manager for Cook Islands Tourism Americas and Debbie Roller, Travel Specialist for Goway Travel (who visited the Cook Islands in May 2019) were present at the travel fair to help attendees explain where the Cook Islands are, how do you get there, where do you stay, what things to do, and distributed a new brochure “How To Book” Guide; How to book on your own, How to book with a travel specialist who has been to the Cook Islands and How to book with a Tour Operator who have packages to the Cook Islands.

Owner of Alaska Travelgram, Scott McMurren, organized the event which attracted over 400 consumers who registered and paid to attend the event.

Click to Download a copy of the "How To Book" Guide