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Cook Islands traditional Rore (stilts)  The age-old art of walking, running, and dancing on stilts in the Cook Islands. 

Discover the many wonders of walking, running, and dancing on a rore (stilts) with the young Piritau Nga and Toru Mateariki. 

Rore is a traditional sport in the Cook Islands commonly used in the outer islands during village sports competitions. But that doesn't mean they have only been used for sport as experience and confidence have seen some locals running and dancing on their rore.

The rore is probably one of the many traditional sports that has been around for many generations. 

In this fun episode of Fresh TV, the young and energetic duo, Piritau and Toru show us how it's done and give some history of this traditional sport. 

Check out how the energetic duo Piritau and Toru work their rore here 

Rore - stilts