Sweet Serenity

Kathryn Webster
Photography By

Out on the lagoon at night the stars were incredible. We were on paddleboards, cleverly lit so that we could spy underwater, but we'd turned the lights out to float in the black. Above, the firmament blazed uninterrupted.

Suddenly, an almighty splash! But we were in a lagoon, safe from sea monsters, so the moment was funny, not scary. A fellow paddleboarder had fallen off; her shrieks quickly quietening as she registered how warm the water was. “Ah, lovely!” she called. “I meant to do that!”

Having extra stars and warm, calm water make Rarotonga an especially good option for escaping New Zealand’s colder, darker moments – that and sleeping within earshot of gently lapping waves.


Kathryn Webster is the editor for AA Directions Magazine. She spent a few days enjoying Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the beautiful Cook Islands. This article appeared in the 2017 Winter Edition