Takurua - Food and Feasts of the Cook Islands

The Takurua O Avaiki Raro, Avaiki Vaenga, Manavanui programme was designed to showcase Cook Islands feasts and cuisine through a series of workshops, site visits and events.

Takurua was held over the course of one week from the 26th of June – 2nd July starting with a taste of traditional dishes for the international chefs and various stakeholders at Highland Paradise.

Following this event was a series of visits to plantations, vegetable gardens and a fishing excursion to showcase what’s on offer to develop a creative menu.

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A panel discussion followed the site visits focusing on the topics of supply and demand (food security), healthy foods and culture & foods with experts in these fields discussing the cuisine challenges faced in the Cook Islands.

These few days beforehand helped to set the scene and a foundation for the international chefs to prepare them for the Takurua launch. 

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The launch of Takurua ended in spectacular style with a special dinner prepared for invited guests at Te Vara Nui Village on Monday the 2nd of July.

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By infusing the past and present through Takurua, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation with the assistance of other stakeholders will develop a Cook Islands Cuisine strategy as a way forward.

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