Mike Yardley: Hassle-free holidaying in Rarotonga.

Mike Yardley | NewstalkZB
Photography By
Cook Islands Tourism

Lounging on sugar-white beaches, fanned by coconut palms, while gazing at the gin-clear lagoon sets the stage on Rarotonga’s allure. It’s as dreamy as reality gets.

As the world opens up and we spread our wings again, the long shadow of Covid has left many people still feeling apprehensive about far-flung travel. My 70 year old parents very much fall into this camp. They’re seasoned, independent travellers but are still reluctant about venturing too far from home. Fresh back from some blissed-out island time, they have fallen head over heels in love with Rarotonga.

From touchdown to take-off, Rarotonga’s famed warmth and hassle-free holiday charm swept them up in a state of sweet seduction. It was their first foray to the Cook Islands and they’re itching to go back. There are no unwieldly transfers between the airport and your place of stay, no language barriers, no pesky Covid-tests to fulfill, no foreign currency transactions required...it’s paradise made easy. Even the dogs are friendly. Their island roost was Edgewater Resort & Spa on the Sunset Coast, just ten minutes’ drive from the airport.  

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