The more you explore the Cook Islands, the more local authentic cuisine you’ll discover, ranging from simple fresh fish enjoyed with your feet in the sand to high-class restaurants and everything in between. You could eat every meal in a different place. Superb game fish like tuna, mahi mahi or broadbill is typical – you’ll get no fresher in the most expensive restaurants in the world. Island night entertainment is a must: beautiful dancing, traditional costumes and mesmerising drums. The crowd participation in the ura dance is a highlight.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, local fishermen venture beyond the reef before sunrise, helping us earn a reputation for creating the best cuisine in the Pacific. Fresh seafood straight out of the ocean, prepared simply with delicious local ingredients from our nutrient rich volcanic island gardens.

Love fresh food? There are over 100 places to eat and drink! You can easily dine in a different place for every meal.

The multitude of cafes and restaurants around the island just have to be experienced, the food is so good. From a casual fish sandwich to a complete gourmet meal, there’s something for everyone.

There are several great cheap places to eat at the markets and the fresh tropical fruit is plentiful, healthy and totally addictive. And while on the islands, you'll want to try our local dishes, like: Ika mata (marinated raw fish), poke, rukau, maniota, goat curry and fresh sashimi. A great way to try several of these local dishes in one place is at an island night buffet.

Some resorts also offer romantic beachfront dining by candlelight, complete with a private gazebo, so you can enjoy a gourmet set or A La Carte menu, cocktails, champagne or whatever takes your fancy.

Dinners for the family are easy and fun. There’s plenty of great, family places to eat and you can always find fresh fish and chips to eat on the beach. Many hotels and resorts have their own restaurants and others around the island feature ‘feet in the sand’ dining – where kids can play on the beach while you relax. If you’re looking for some timeout, babysitters are available.

Whatever you feel like, the choice of eating options is vast and varied in our little nation.

When the sun sets and you've had your fill of our delicious cuisine. The real party begins!

When the sun goes down, the party heats up. We boast the best nightlife of all the islands in the South Pacific. Mix with friendly locals in open-air bars, many on the beach soaked in cool island vibes and spectacular vistas. Grab a drink and enjoy the show, whether local live music or a stunning sunset over the water.

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