Aitutaki Lagoon Cruises

Tayla Beddoes
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Tayla Beddoes

We all know that Aitutaki is world famous for it's stunningly expansive, crystal clear lagoon... but did you know that there are several lagoon tours on offer which you can take to explore it? Read on to find out more.

Teking Lagoon Tours

With a smaller, more maneuverable fleet of boats Teking Lagoon Tours boasts more intimate and even completely private lagoon tours that have you stopping off for lunch at Maina Island, exploring the infamous Honeymoon Island, swimming with giant trevally's and snorkeling at several different marine reserves within Aitutaki's lagoon - most of which are not as easily accessible by the larger sized lagoon tours, making the experience truly one of a kind. The friendly, down to earth guides aboard the cruise inform you throughout the tour of interesting points in Aitutaki's history, their culture and also guide you through the various marine reserves, pointing out various sea life along the way. Teking Lagoon Cruises are dedicated to the conservation, preservation and restoration of the Aitutaki Lagoon, with a percentage of their revenue donated to the cause. 

Bishop's Lagoon Cruises

If you're looking to take things down a notch and ease back in order to fully embrace the true meaning of ‘island time’ then this is the cruise for you. With a range of boats on offer, you can find yourself either gliding across the lagoon in some of the smaller sized vessels on a private tour or cruising aboard the large double decker boat, basking on the sundeck whilst you make your way to the next stop. Easy going staff cook up a delicious kai kai for you on One Foot Island and carry around the infamous One Foot Island stamp if you’re looking to add the famous foot to your passport collection. With one snorkeling stop that’ll have you swimming at a marine reserve with giant trevally’s and 2 island hops on offer (Akaiami and One Foot Island) Bishop’s is perfect for those looking for a gentle immersion into Aitutaki’s lagoon.

Aitutaki Adventures

One of the very few lagoon cruises that’s operational on a Sunday, Aitutaki Adventures is a fabulous lagoon cruise to compliment your Aitutaki holiday. Expect your day out to be filled with plenty of snorkeling, including a stop off to see the giant clam farm - and for those who’d prefer a bit more sun over sea, there’s also the option to get dropped off to Honeymoon Island for longer before meeting up with the rest of the group. Capture a few photos that will strike envy in all of your Facebook friend’s hearts at the sandbank and spot a turtle or two (or in my case, six) at the turtle sanctuary before rounding off with lunch at One Foot Island. And if you still haven’t had your fix, there’s one final snorkeling stop where you can swim with the giant trevally’s before making your way back to the mainland.

The Vaka Cruise

Arguably one of the most sought after lagoon cruises in Aitutaki and one you can easily experience in a day tour package with Air Rarotonga or simply add on to your Aitutaki holiday if you're already on island, the Vaka Cruise promises a fun filled day complete with breathtaking views, a charismatic crew and relaxing atmosphere aboard the 21 meter vaka (catamaran) Titi-ai-Tonga. There's an open sun deck and loungers for those wanting to get a little extra colour en route to your island stops and snorkeling spots, or comfortable sheltered seating for those who'll pack the sun and snorkeling experience into one. You'll visit 3 motu's (islets); Akaiami, Moturakau and Tapuaetai a.k.a. One Foot Island, swim in spots teeming with an array of colourful tropical fish and giant trevally's and of course, be treated to a delicious tropical buffet lunch.