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CookSafe is part of the national effort to protect the Cook Islands from COVID-19. Using your QR card to scan in wherever you can, means our Ministry of Health (TMO) can quickly identify anyone who may have been in contact with a suspected infected person and therefore contact them to make arrangements to get tested and to isolate or quarantine if required.

What is CookSafe?

A simple and secure contact tracing system which enables all residents and visitors to be issued with a personal QR card. These cards are used to Tag In at all Businesses and Government Departments who have registered for CookSafe and set up their Tag In stations. The CookSafe database is then only accessible by the Ministry of Health.


CookSafe Logo
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Why is CONTACT TRACING important?

If a potential COVID-19 case has been identified, the Ministry of Health needs to be able to quickly trace people who may have been exposed to an infected individual through the process of contact tracing. This process helps to keep the Cook Islands and its’ visitors safe. Our contact tracing system doesn’t rely on the user having to have a smartphone to be able to participate in CookSafe. This means our mamas and papas who are our most vulnerable can access and participate in contact tracing.

How do I sign up to CookSafe?

Registering and collecting your personal QR card is easy!
Individuals can register for QR cards at the Chamber of Commerce office, Tourism Visitor Information Centre, Vodafone or while you're shopping at Prime Foods.
Businesses or Government Departments can register for QR cards by completing this form.
Your information is secured through an encrypted database only accessible by selected staff within the Ministry of Health. This information will only be used for the purpose of contact tracing for COVID-19 and randomly selecting prize winners.

Tag In Here

How do I use my QR card?

1. Carry your QR card with you (take a picture of your QR code and store it on your phone) and Tag In at all participating Businesses or Government Departments that feature a CookSafe Tag In Here sign.
2. Tag In by holding your card or code clearly within the scanning area of the device.
3. The screen will appear green and the device will normally make a sound after a successful Tag In.

For more information call 20925 or email [email protected]