Mana Tiaki

Mana Tiaki is our responsibility as guardians to preserve and protect our islands, environment, and culture for future generations. 

Mana Tiaki is one of the three core values of Kia Orana.
Tiaki means keeper or guardian and Mana translates as influence or power.
It means guardianship with a sacred purpose, to preserve it for future generations.
The keeper has the power or ability to keep our culture and heritage alive.
Mana Tiaki also refers to our responsibility as guardians of these islands and the environment.

The Mana Tiaki Eco Certification (MTEC) often referred to as eco accreditation or green accreditation is a joint project between the National Environment Service through the Ridge to Reef project, Te Ipukarea Society, Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council, and Cook Islands Tourism Corporation. A steering committee made up of these partners has been working on these standards since 2018. With the growth of tourism in the Cook Islands, the protection of our natural environment is even more crucial to the long-term sustainability of our tourism industry. The MTEC is a set of standards that has been established to embed biodiversity considerations and basic conservation efforts into the operations of the Tourism Industry. Business operations that achieve Mana Tiaki Eco Certification are rewarded with the recognition that this type of green accreditation can bring. It is a framework for best practice, celebrating and recognising those going above and beyond, as well as encouraging others to take on more sustainable practices.