Matavera Cook Islands Christian Church

The first Matavera Church was built inland in 1849. It remained there for 8 years before a new one was built on the present site, on land donated by Ngati Tamatea (Tamatea Tribe). Work on the present structure, known as Silo, commenced in 1853 and the building was completed and dedicated in 1857.

The Gothic style church has buttresses measuring nine feet supporting a wall which is three feet thick. The church is made of coral stone rubble piled over a timber framework and lime for mortar (obtained from burnt coral stones). As with all buildings designed by the London Missionary Society missionaries of the period, the method of construction was based on the 'wattle and daub' method from Britain.

The church went through a major renovation in 1949 when its height was reduced by 6 feet. The second major renovation was in early 2005 after the entire roof was blown off (pictured) during Cyclone Nancy.

Reg 2008.jpg matavera cicc church - Damaged roof.jpg Church-CraigOwen-fifties-008-large.jpg