The 20 coolest things for couples to do in the South Pacific

Christine Retschlag
Photography By
Holiday For Couples Magazine

An exciting discovery has been made, as two accredited business's from Rarotonga have been included in a list of twenty of the "coolest things for couples to do in the South Pacific" within Australian Magazine, Holidays For Couples. The author, Christine Retschlag is an award winning Travel writer. Having recently won the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award for Travel Journalism and was also a finalist for Best Travel Writer in the Australian Federation of Travel Agents this year.

Mentioned first is Rarotonga's very own Ikurangi Eco Retreat. It has been considered “unique in that it faces the hills, like the locals like to live” The retreat offers the opportunity for guests to experience luxury accommodation that leaves their guests “feeling like they’ve been part of something that positively impacts our environment, community and economy” The retreat has earned itself a certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor, as the accommodation consistently receives great reviews from travellers. This shouldn't be surprising, as the unique accommodation was purposely built "for visitors from all walks of life" writes owners, Matt and Luana. Ikurangi Eco Retreat is an inviting accommodation for guests, allowing them to experience an alternative side of Rarotonga and enjoy its natural inland beauty.

The second to be listed is none other than the Tuks Tuks from Tik-E tours in Rarotonga.

Not normally found in the South Pacific, tuk tuks originate from the bustling country of Thailand. It is a widely used form of urban transport in Bangkok and other Thai cities. For visitors wanting a private tour of the island of Rarotonga, the tuk tuks provide just this. They are electric, environmentally friendly and an alternative means of transportation. Whether your wanting a Cocktail Happy Hour Hop at sunset, or to zip around Rarotonga and visit the highlights, you’re guaranteed to "enjoy the breeze in your hair as you scoot around in this jaw-dropping experience."

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