Cook Islands Facebook page reaches 300K fans

Digital Team

The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation celebrated a significant digital milestone in January reaching 300K fans.


The Digital Team at Cook Islands Tourism Head Office in Avarua are responsible for the managing the corporation Facebook page.

"The milestone is a combination of a strong digital strategy based around brand messaging, trying to stay 'ahead of the game' in the online space and having an amazing destination to promote" stated Digital Executive Tony Fe'ao.

"We've had a strong six months with high engagement and overall reach has been great. We set some high goals at the beginning of the financial year and reaching 300K followers indicates we are on-track to achieve these goals. It also challenges us to continue to post fantastic content to promote our little paradise."

The Digital Team consists of Digital Executive Tony Fe'ao and Digital Co-ordinators Daniel Fisher and Tayla Beddoes. If you would like any assistance with your online space contact the team at [email protected].

3 Quick Digital Team Tips

1) Find and share great content. There is a lot of great content about the Cook Islands on-line. From News/magazine articles, blogs and posts by visitors to the Cook Islands there is plenty to choose from. Utilise the search function in Facebook or share some of the great content on the Cook Islands Tourism Facebook page.
Bonus Tip: Don't be afraid to recycle great content from a couple of years back (if it's still relevant) under a 'Throwback Thursday or #TBT 

2) Post as regularly as you can. Posting regularly keeps your page fresh and will place your content into your friends and fans newsfeed. 

3) Utilise moving/video footage.  Facebook is more likely to place a video in a users newsfeed than a static image. Videos loaded natively on Facebook (ie not a link to Youtube or Vimeo etc) will perform better and will keep people on your page.