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A domestic Bank identified a counterfeit NZ$50, series 7 banknote that was accepted by an established food eatery which proved costly to their cash banking being reduced. Cook Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is providing this information for the tourism industry to be aware of suspected fake notes, using a "look, feel, and tilt" check. If you believe someone is trying to pass you a counterfeit note, do not accept it and notify FIU. Legitimate banknotes are made of polymer (plastic), featuring raised ink, unique serial numbers, holographs, colour changing birds, a large transparent window, and hidden microscopic writing. If you find you’ve already received a counterfeit note, put it in an envelope to avoid handling it further and get in touch with FIU.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has an interactive website which displays some of the security features on the “series seven” notes, the newest circulating the country.

Fake Banknotes.

  • If you see one, politely refuse it if you can.
  • If you end up with one, put it in an envelope to preserve evidence.
  • Tell the FIU in either case.
  • Haven’t accepted the banknote yet.
  • Check security features. Quick way – look, feel & tilt.
  • Politely refuse to accept it.
  • Report to the Police or FIU.

    Already received the banknote.

  • Store banknote safely and avoid handling as much as possible.
  • Write down all relevant details where you received it – date, time and location, the person, CCTV,
  • Give the banknote to the FIU with these details as soon as possible.

    Guidance on fake banknotes. Refer to the Reserve Bank's website or follow links below.