Mauke in the South Seas

Aileen Tidemann
"Aunty Nane greets me on the runway with a sweet kiss on the cheek. She places a wreath of sweetly scented frangipani flowers on my head and points to a group of older men and women: "First sit down with the others on the bench. We are now all your family." ...

Aileen Tidemann is a freelance journalist from Northern Europe who visited the Cook Islands earlier this year in February. She is working on several articles for German media outlets including Unterwegs Magazine. The topics she wanted to cover included traditional carving, navigation practices of Vaka, progressive dining, sustainable tourism development and the process around the crafting of ei pupu in Mangaia.

Aileen visited the outer islands of Mauke and Mangaia where she got to learn a bit more about what our little paradise has to offer. Her first article is now available to read here

(Please note this article is written in German. We are working on a translated version)