Most Desirable Paradise

Zhu (Jakii) Jin
Photography By
Zhu (Jakii) Jin

Zhu (Jakii) Jin from Putke & Feekr Travel, Editor-in-Chief visited the Cook Islands as part of our Chinese KOCI delegation (29 Nov – 3 Dec 2016). Since her visit she has posted an article about the Cook Islands on Feekr travel website.

Zhu (Jakii) Jin visited the Cook Islands in November 2016 as part of our Chinese KOCI delegation.  She is the Editor-in-Chief for Putke & Feekr Travel and she has posted an article on Feekr travel website highlighting why you should come to the Cook Islands.  Some of her highlights included Muri Beach, Takitumu Conservation areas, where to stay, things to do and places to see while in the Cook Islands.

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