Nikao Cook Islands Christian Church

One of the churches established by on Rarotonga by the London Missionary Society (later Cook Islands Christian Church)

The Nikao church was originally established at the London Missionary Society at Tereora in 1924. which is now the site of a secondarv school. Tereora College. The church remained there for 19 years before moving to its second location on land called Turama Tuiti. This land was originally gifted by landowner Mere lobu Tumu, but was later leased to the church. Construction of a Mission House began in 1943 and this was opened on 22 January 1944. Robert Sema was the Church Minister at the time and services were held on the porch of the Mission House.

In the early 1970s construction began on the new International Airport and due to expansions of the airport the church needed to move again, this time to its present location at Tenuka During construction of the new building church services were held in the Air New zealand hangar.

In September 1994, a first renovation was carried out on the church bullding in lepuka with a second renovation carried out from rebruar to April 2007.

The Nikao Church has the distinction that all 20 Ministers who have served in the church since its establishment originated from outside the village of Niko. The names and dates who served in the church can be found at the entrance o this building.

Opening new Nikao Church - Reverend Teina Tuarau.jpg Old Nikao Mission.jpg NikaoCICC_Church_Old.jpg Nikao CICC te puka.jpg Kanaana Opening.jpg Foundation of current church in Te Puka.jpg nikao church.jpg