7 of the Best Beaches to explore on Rarotonga and Aitutaki

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A relaxing holiday in the Cook Islands isn't complete without enjoying one of our many beautiful beaches.

Imagine strolling with sand between your toes, a warm tropical breeze, next to crystal clear blue lagoon, and hardly a person in sight. Sounds great right? There are plenty of beaches to explore on Rarotonga and Aitutaki but where do you start? Well, we've put our heads together to compile of seven of the best beaches to get you started when on your next Cook Islands holiday.

Here they are in no particular order :)

Muri Beach, Rarotonga
Located on the South-Eastern side of Rarotonga, this beach is a hub for water activities, including: Sea scooter safari tours, kayaks, standup paddle boards, lagoon cruises, kitesurfing and more. There is also a concentration of cafes, bars and restaurants right on the water, providing beautiful views and delicious food.   


Titikaveka, Rarotonga
Voted as one of the top 25 beaches in the South Pacific by TripAdvisor, Titikaveka features bright turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches shaded by palm trees. Just South of Muri, this beach is perfect for relaxing as well as snorkelling.  

Aroa Beach and Marine Reserve, Rarotonga
Located near The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium on the South-Western part of the island, this beach is great for snorkelling as well as sunbathing.   

Black Rock Beach, Rarotonga
Located the Western side of Rarotonga, Black Rock is a local favourite for relaxing, swimming, snorkelling and catching the incredible sunsets Rarotonga is known for. 

One Foot Island, Aitutaki
Located in Aitutaki's lagoon, One Foot Island is accessible by boat and offers a beautiful beach with great snorkelling to see giant clams and corals. You can even get your passport stamped here at the local post office hut!

Ootu Beach, Aitutaki 
Located on the Eastern side of Aitutaki next to Aitutaki Village, this beach offers great swimming and snorkelling. Most of the lagoon cruise operators leave from this beach, making this an easy spot to relax while waiting for your cruise. 

Honeymoon Island/Motu Tavake 

One of Aitutaki’s most amazing islets is Honeymoon Island. Best known for its white coral sandbar jutting out from the palm tree covered main part of the islet, Honeymoon Island is a must see whilst in Aitutaki.  The lagoon at this point has an ocean coral sand bottom, no booties required. Check out the clam farm reserve and great snorkelling at the end of the spit.