Ambassador life so far

Chris Bishop
Photography By
Chris Bishop

This week we asked our newest Kia Orana Ambassador (KOA) to give us some insights of how he is loving his new role in Tourism. Lets see what he has to say...

For the past 2 months I have been learning the ins and outs of my role as a Kia Orana Ambassador within Cook Islands Tourism. With the guidance of 2 National Icons, the Kia Orana Aunties, I have experienced a vast range of responsibilities that we have. It has been an enjoyable experience thus far as I have had the privilege of meeting people, seeing places and doing things that I would have only imagined within my previous jobs that I have been in since moving to Rarotonga 2 years ago.

The Kia Orana Aunties - These 2 are just Superstars. They always seem to brighten up people’s days, whether it be through the way they consistently greet people ‘Kia Orana’ with the enthusiasm that I could only portray once every now and then, the way they wear their Tav dresses and Head eis with pride or simply how they can ask a member of the public ‘what’s for lunch?’ or ‘we’re hungry, do you have any food?’ The respect that they have earned within various parts of the community is truly outstanding in my opinion, but it also reflects the friendliness and community based values that our people have been accustomed for years. They are also very fun and humorous throughout Kia Orana Presentations and when escorting and hosting visiting agents. While maintaining order and time frames for schedules, they are truly the Masters of their Trade.

My privilege - There goes that saying, ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’, well you can say I feel that’s been me for the past 8 weeks. I could portray it in a strenuous way that I have had to ensure that visiting agents are greeted and escorted to activities and visitations at corresponding times, which I have to work until late at night when accompanying and transporting agents to and from dinner to ensure that any issues that arise are tended to so that they can experience the love of our little paradise. I really love what I do and the team that I am part of, especially with the support I receive from colleagues within our office and also within the industry. The influence that I am now able to have within the community, especially for young people is something that I aim to help make a positive difference in the lives of our Cook Island people.


That’s enough from me for now, thanks for tuning in today,


Ka Kite,