Odile Pauka
Photography By
David Kirkland

Kia Orana and Happy New Year! I'm Odile, the latest intern addition who will be contributing to this blog and sharing a little bit of my experience thus far with Cook Islands Tourism and what you're missing out on here in Paradise!

What a great opportunity it is to be working in the most important Industry of the Cook Islands alongside a very vibrant bunch of Cook Islanders.  I started my internship in mid-December and it has been nothing but an exciting roller coaster ride.  I have made new friends, eaten a lot of yummy food (the perks of interning during the Festive Season) and learnt so much already in the short time I have been here.  What fascinates me the most is that everyone is welcomed to share their ideas on how we can better promote our little paradise!


Growing up in the islands, I can definitely say that I have been blessed with the best.  Not in terms of riches and wealth, but the feeling of being free to enjoy what nature has to offer us.  The white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, the warm sun as it touches your skin, the refreshing rain shower as you are driving on your scooter, or the sound of the thunderstorm while you're lying in bed enjoying a good movie (yes we even get bipolar weather here as well) are one of the many things I look forward to when I come home during the uni breaks.  But most importantly... Family! Nothing beats having to be able to spend time with family and in the Cook Islands, EVERYONE IS FAMILY! 


If you were fortunate to be in the Cooks during the festive season, you would have definitely felt the warm hospitality that we Cook Islanders are known for.  Town has been buzzing with many tourists and returning locals, I mean where else would you rather spend your holidays?  There's so many things to do in this tiny paradise I am fortunate to call home and everyday I am discovering new things - a self acclaimed tourist I like to call myself.  I got to visit Aitutaki for 3 days, spent time on the Te Vaka Cruise soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful blue Aitutaki Lagoon.  Next on the agenda is The Rongohiva Watersports speed and banana boat ride with friends followed by mini golf with the family, something I have been looking forward to all week! 


Tune in next week to hear more.  Ka kite for now! Have a Prosperous 2017!