In the Cook Islands arts and crafts has always been part of our culture. Meet  Ezekiel Tuatea Tatuava-Enjoy, a young talented and self-driven boy who is passionate about his culture. His passion for culture started when he was young as he decided to change schools and go to a school that focuses on teaching maori. Then from his love of the language he started learning korero’s (maori chant), dancing, how to make a umukai (island oven), how to play the ukulele and make crafts.

Ezekiel said he learnt how to craft with the older people which he has always been around. He appreciates their company and cherishes their precious knowledge. Wherever he goes he is willing to teach his knowledge.

In a fews steps learn how to make a flower from a coconut frond with him. If you don’t have a coconut frond you can use a paper or flax to replace the coconut frond. This is a great family activity to try while you’re at home.

Step 1: Remove the frond
(If you are in NZ you can also use paper or flax in place of a coconut front

There’s 2 parts to the frond. There’s the spine and the leaf itself.

Step 2 : Strip the spine off, strip it to finger length and you take the rest of the spine off. You twist it around and pull it off.Step 3 : Separate the leaves

Step 4 : Fold over the leaves and twist. You always have to twist the spine at the bottom and then you fold over and you twist. Keep on folding the leaves around the spine. It will eventually take the shape of a rose.

Step 5 : When you get to the thin part grab a piece of string (rafia, kiriau)

Step 6 : Tuck the remaining frond down the spine

Step 7: Wrap the string around the spine

Step 8 : Knot the string twice

And there you have it, that's how you make a kikau rose from the Cook Islands.