Why We're Unique

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation Australia
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Cook Islands Tourism Corporation

Here in the Cook Islands, we specialise in beach days, sunsets, tropical temperatures and offering travellers an island getaway unlike any other.

The Cook Islands are an easy and safe destination, where travelling and getting around is so easy. Unlike other island destinations, where you may find yourself resort bound, our islands are naturally designed to be explored by scooter, and if you’re staying on Rarotonga, the bus will pick you up and drop you off wherever you choose! There’s just one road, no traffic lights, and it only takes 45 minutes to drive around the whole island – it’s like one big resort!

There are no commercial chains and no buildings taller than a palm tree, which gives every hotel and restaurant an intimate boutique feel. The beach is literally wherever you are, and the best part is, you can have a long stretch of white sand and blue lagoon all to yourself. There’s never a need to reserve a beach lounge, as there is always plenty of places to put your towel down for the day. Why not go and explore the island and find your very own beach? Jump on a scooter, take your pick of the beautiful coastline, and set yourself up for the day, it’s that easy!

There are an abundance of restaurants, bars and activities all waiting to welcome you in the Cook Islands. If you feel like heading out for a meal, you will find the perfect place to suit any palate and budget. There is no alcohol tax in the Cook Islands, and our use of the New Zealand dollar, means our Australian travellers save money when eating out or trying new activities.