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Swim, snorkel, sunbathe or just soak up the scenic beauty of the turquoise lagoon and dazzling white sand beaches. Day trips to the 15 motu (smaller islands) within the lagoon, including the breathtakingly beautiful Honeymoon and One Foot Islands, are unforgettable experiences.

Aitutaki’s lagoon is considered one of the most magnificent in the world. Its crystal clear waters brim with bright tropical fish and its pristine white sand beaches are private and secluded. From the air, the lagoon is a breathtakingly surreal shade of turquoise that strikes an amazing contrast with the surrounding dark blue ocean.

You'll find that most of the activities in Aitutaki are water-based as visitors can't get enough of the lagoon. A must-do is exploring Aitutaki's beautiful waters by booking a lagoon cruise. There are a handful of operators on the island offering incredible full day tours that include lunch, refreshments, snorkelling gear and towels. You’ll visit the uninhabited motu within the lagoon and have lunch on One Foot Island - one of the best beaches in the South Pacific. You can even have your passport stamped there.

If you are looking for a personalised experience, why not charter a boat or hire a water taxi to drop you at your own private island or sandbar. The snorkelling is incredible with stunningly clear water, abundant tropical fish and sea turtles. These charter providers even specialise in romantic picnics and dinners out in the middle of the lagoon. Everything in Aitutaki is easy and relaxed so if you have an idea on a romantic experience just ask!

There are other ways to explore the beautiful and vast lagoon in Aitutaki. The island is famous for its fishing and in most cases, you can take your fresh catch back to your resort and have it cooked and served for dinner. Bonefishing is also a popular fishing activity for avid anglers. Sailing is another activity offered and is a great day out on the lagoon.

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Aitutaki has world class restaurants, some fun casual places to meet up with locals and Island Nights. A few resorts also offer private dining experiences on the beach, from relaxed tasting platters and cocktails to five course degustation options complete with wine pairings.

Spa services are also available on the island. Indulge in facial treatments, body scrubs, massages and pamper packages - all while listening to the gentle sound of waves crashing in the background. For an even more romantic experience, Aitutaki offers couples massages on the beach or even from the deck of your overwater bungalow.

The island has an interesting history too. Take a safari tour to ancient sacred sites, or explore the island and learn about the legacy of the American troops stationed here during WWII.

If you’re short of time, take a day trip to Aitutaki from Rarotonga and do the lagoon cruise and snorkelling, although many people who do this wish they were staying longer.