Mana Tiaki Certification

Welcome to Mana Tiaki Certification

In light of the growing tourism industry in the Cook Islands, protecting our natural environment is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the industry.

The Mana Tiaki Certification provides evidence that your business is not only a quality tourism product, but also committed to preserving our precious islands.

Accreditation is based on meeting a set of standards and guidelines.

How do I become Mana Tiaki Certified?

To become Mana Tiaki Certified, begin with completing an online self-assessment, followed by visits from Te Ipukarea Society and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

The best part is that the certification is now completely FREE OF CHARGE!

To become a Mana Tiaki operator you must first obtain accreditation with Cook Islands Quality Assured.

When you are CIQA accredited, simply fill out the application form to become a Mana Tiaki Certified business.

Tourism Charter and Terms & Conditions

To become a Mana Tiaki operator you must uphold and practice the Cook Islands Tourism Charter and accept the Cook Islands Quality Assured Terms and Conditions

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