Mana Tiaki Eco-Certification

Welcome to Mana Tiaki Eco-Certification

What does Mana Tiaki Eco-Certification mean for you?

With the growth of tourism in the Cook Islands, the protection of our natural environment is even more crucial to the long term sustainability of our tourism industry.

The Mana Tiaki Eco-Certification provides evidence that your business has gone above and beyond to preserve our precious islands as well as being a quality tourism product.

How do I become Mana Tiaki Eco-Certified?

The Mana Tiaki Eco-Certification consists of a self-assessment process which is then underpinned by visits from Te Ipukarea Society and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

The best news, it’s now completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Simply complete the application form to become a Mana Tiaki Eco-Certified business.

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